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Dr. Lakkaraju is one of three doctors in Michigan who has the DRX9000 Decompression System.  The DRX9000 treatment gradually relieves neurocompression often associated with lower back and leg pain.  As a result, it decreases pressure on the nerve root and helps the disc to realign itself.  Most importantly, the blood supply to the outer layer of the discs is improved and helps the disc to heal and become thick again.

The practical pain Management Journal studied the DRX9000 and found that just after 11 treatments on the DRX9000 spine system, there was a significant decrease in back pain.  MRI's done before and after the treatment clearly showed and increase in disc heights.

The treatment is done three to five times a week for 20 sessions.  A majority of patients see improvement in just seven to eight sessions.  Clinical studies show up to 86 percent of patients have significant relief in back pain with the DRX9000 treatments.

The machine targets specific level of vertebrae by changing angles.  Each treatment is individualized for the level of their dics herniation. 

Dr. Lakkaraju provides an exercise program for the lumbar spine to strengthen the back muscles so what improvements are gained are not lost, and the spine becomes stronger and more stable.

Other treatments provided by Dr. Lakkaraju include:
Viscosupplementation for knee arthritis, pain management with PNT (percutaneous neuromodulation therapy) and high frequency electrical nerve blocks by the Matrix machine, electrodiagnostic testing and antispasticity treatments with BOTOX

He is one of 15 physicians in Michigan who is board certified for ABIME (American Board of Independent Medical Examiners). He was trained at Loyola University Medical Center of Chicago.  He is also the Medical Director for Rehabilitative Services and Bay Regional Medical Center

Dr. Lakkaraju is in private practice in Bay City Michigan and also has a satellite office in West Branch Michigan.